The GoldDiggers at Red Devil Lounge - Wed, July 6

By NEWS - Posted on 22 June 2011

We're stoked to be back at Red Devil Lounge, this time for a full set.

It's a cool venue, with all the things you'd want at a great rock club - (elevated stage, boomin' sound, concert lighting, red velvet, catwalk, bartender that looks like the dude from Stone Temple Pilots) - but on a cozy, SF scale, and the most fun you can have on Polk Street without being embarrassed in the morning.

Wednesday, July 6 - We open the show at 9pm.

Roundmusic Presents this eclectic midweek bill with Felsen in the middle slot and headliner Parlor Tricks.

Only 6 bucks! Get your tickets here -

See you there, friends!

1695 Polk Street @ Clay, San Francisco, CA 94109